About Us


My Story

I was a college graduate with a new job and wasn't happy there. I went on a cruise for vacation in 2013, and that was the first time I received a professional massage. It blew my mind. 


From that point on, I knew I wanted to be apart of the spa industry, but I just started at a new job. I told myself that if in a year, I wasn't happy with my new job,  I would quit and become a massage therapist.


After a year at my new job, I still was not happy, so I did it! I quit and went to Central Maryland School of Massage in 2014 and obtained my license. Since then I opened my own mobile business while also working at spas. I developed a love for the whole industry, and wanted to expand my skills. In 2017, I went to Chesapeake School of Esthetics and obtained my Esthetician license. In June 2018, my dream came true, and I opened my own location!